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Do you know the reasons why the Portuguese population chooses vegetarian food?

According to a study conducted by the Portuguese Vegetarian Association (AVP), we highlight the cost-benefit of this type of food (59.3%), the health benefits (59%) and the positive impact that this community causes on the planet and the environment (58.9%).

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We work to promote everything the green world believes in: respect, love for the environment and the life of animals.

Based on this, we promote a complete ecosystem with variety and flavor. Cheeky Leeks is what you’re looking for when we talk about healthy eating: you’ve come to the right place!

Our project reinforces the conviction that we can transform the planet and improve our eating habits, having a positive impact both on our health, on the planet and on animals.

More vegetables, nature flavors, and less animal protein. 😉💚

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Plant diversity rocks!

The green revolution is in every course, in the environment, in the care of animals and within the Cheeky Leeks universe. Find out now how vegetarianism has been part of the life of the Portuguese with our exclusive content.
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